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Use surveys to collect feedback from specific groups of customers to understand their needs, expectations, or investigate Net Promoter Score (NPS).


Survicate is an all-in-one customer feedback tool used by companies like Harvard University, T-Mobile and Indeed.  

Get feedback from your leads and customers with surveys distributed on your website or via email. 

Use Survicate to:

  • Automate customer satisfaction programs with Net Promoter Score®, CSAT or CES surveys
  • Qualify leads and close the gap between marketing and sales teams
  • Prequalify anonymous website visitors and push collected data to Marketo once they convert into leads
  • Collect insights crucial for upsell, cross-sell and driving referrals
  • Turn more website visitors into leads and promote content

Learn more about the integration and its benefits:


Targeted Website Surveys

Collect feedback on your website without disturbing visitors.

NPS® Surveys

Use Net Promoter Score surveys to research and improve customer satisfaction.

Email Surveys

Distribute surveys via email sent with Marketo to get feedback from leads and customers.

Lead Generation Forms

Collect more leads without gated content.

Calls to Action

Show relevant calls to action to promote content or redirect visitors to landing pages.

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Survicate Marketo integration allows you to send collected data to Marketo as lead fields and lead activities. Use advanced mapping to see data in Marketo exactly as you wish. Learn how set up and use the integration

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It's really quick and easy to get a new survey set up and customized. The summaries are also excellent. And the customer service is top-notch.
Sarah Otten, Customer Service Lead and Documentation at Pebble Technology