Survicate Surveys for Marketo

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Collect feedback from specific groups of Customers to understand their needs, expectations and objections, or investigate Net Promoter Score (NPS).
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • In-message surveys
  • Net Promoter Score surveys
  • Targeted website surveys
  • Insights-based calls to action

Precisely Targeted Onsite Surveys

Survicate enables you to learn about your customers’ needs, uncover their specific pain points, challenges and experiences. With such insights, you can continuously test and optimize your user UX/UI, marketing campaigns and develop better products/services to match their needs.

  • Survey & Feedback Widgets
  • Precise Audience Targeting
  • Custom Design & Mobile Friendly

Insights Based Calls to Action

With Survicate you can act instantly on insights discovered by launching calls to action based on answers given by your visitors and their built up profiles.

  • Content Promotion Widgets
  • Social Engagement Widgets
  • Notifications with Contextual Offers

Lead Capture Forms and Profiles

Survicate turns your website into an automated, high-performance lead generation engine. You gain additional means of capturing leads and profiling them like never before.

  • Contact Form Widget
  • Visitors' Profiles
  • Exit Surveys & Smart Offers

Analysis and Reports

You can analyze your surveys answers and calls to action effectiveness with broad filtering capability. Request automated reports right to your inbox or use API to combine results with external data.

  • Widget Analysis
  • Automated Reports
  • Data Export & API

State of the Art Integration

Survicate integrates with marketing applications like no other solution (we dare you!) – we do it both ways, so you can be sure the data is in sync all the time. We enable you to perform and analyze like never before – and you do not need coders or additional tools to integrate.

The integration with Marketo allows you to send leads generated with Survicate straight to Marketo. 

Marketo Integration

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