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The Insightpool Sales Platform is the most robust and scalable way to empower sales teams to use social media to sell.


The Insightpool Sales Platform is the most robust and scalable way to empower sales teams to use social media to sell. The platform allows sales reps to identify, socially score, and nurture leads while gaining valuable insights into how social selling drives new business.

Using social media signals, sales teams can now engage with prospects and connect all the data acquired back to a CRM or Marketing Automation system. This process allows companies greater access to their prospects which moves prospects farther down the sales funnel faster.

Insightpool Sales Platform Process:

  • Lead Identification:Identify new leads from social channels and match existing leads to their social profiles.
  • Social Lead Scoring:Qualify your leads based on social demographic and behavioral criteria
  • Lead Nurturing:Nurture your leads on social channels with advanced engagement capabilities
  • Lead Insights: Get detailed insights into social selling campaigns to measure the success.


The integration of Marketo’s digital marketing solution will enable Insightpool users to maximize return on lead identification and engagement, connecting campaigns across platforms for more measurable social ROI. 

 Insightpool helps brands identify, predict and nurture new advocates on social media—creating personalized engagements that deliver exceptional brand experiences and drive measurable revenue and results. The Marketo integration enhances these capabilities by enabling users to sync their Insightpool campaigns to the Marketo lead database. These users now have full visibility into conversion rates as they relate to end goals specified in Marketo, and are provided with the tools they need to activate and nurture relevant leads. Now buyers can also measure how much faster social leads go down the funnel and create more pipeline value.


The Marketo - Insightpool Sales Platform integration helps marketers and sales teams leverage social media in multiple ways. The following are all benefits of the integration:

1) Export existing leads from Marketo into the Insightpool platform to track social media conversation and allow for social nurture campaigns

2) Identify new leads from social media channels and immediately import these leads to Marketo

3) Sync social media activity and interactions to contacts in Marketo


Use the integration to get a full understanding of how social media plays role in your marketing and sales process. 

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