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Insightpool Social Marketing Platform

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Through Social Relationship Intelligence, Insightpool is revolutionizing the way brands build relationships.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Identify your target audience
  • Predict users that take action
  • Nurture users through social
  • Measure insights and results

For Marketers who depend heavily on finding unknown people in their target audience and driving them to take specific actions. Insightpool’s Marketing Platform enables marketing teams to identify, connect and nurture 1:1 social relationships with people in your target audience, at scale.

Unlike any other social platforms, Insightpool has made a commitment to helping brands leverage social as an additional channel to drive ROI. Insightpool will not only help you identify who to talk to, but also how likely they are to take the action you want. This way, you save time by only connecting with the right people for your goals.

How does it work?

Insightpool’s algorithm analyzes 400 million people across thousands of variables in order to discover those that will advocate and promote your business. Put it all together and you have actionable insight into predicting the right people, who will drive the right action – before you even say a word.

  • Identify your target audience
  • Predict users that will take the desired action
  • Nurture users through a social drip marketing campaign
  • Measure insights and results from campaigns


The integration of Marketo’s digital marketing solution will enable Insightpool users to maximize return on lead identification and engagement, connecting campaigns across platforms for more measurable social ROI.
Insightpool helps brands identify, predict and nurture new advocates on social media—creating personalized engagements that deliver exceptional brand experiences and drive measurable revenue and results. The Marketo integration enhances these capabilities by enabling users to sync their Insightpool campaigns to the Marketo lead database. These users now have full visibility into conversion rates as they relate to end goals specified in Marketo, and are provided with the tools they need to activate and nurture relevant leads. Now buyers can also measure how much faster social leads go down the funnel and create more pipeline value.

Marketo Integration

The Marketo - Insightpool Marketing Platform integration allows joint customers to push and pull data between platforms to track lead activity from social media. Using the Insightpool Marketing platform, users are able to easily identify relevant prospects, create custom tracking codes, and manage activity between both platforms. 

Customers very simply authenticate their Marketo credentials on the Insightpool Settings page. From this point on, all campaigns created in the Insightpool platform work as follows:

  1. When a campaign is created, Insightpool uses third party data providers to attempt to resolve each social media user to their email address
  2. For each email address, if no lead exists in the client’s Marketo database, Insightpool can automatically create one
  3. Insightpool will monitor the linked Marketo database for any activity involving these leads for the duration of the Insightpool campaign
  4. When these leads do anything that is recorded in Marketo, the Insightpool platform stores that event and displays it to the user as part of the user’s “conversation”. This can all be tracked on the dashboard. 
  5. Using custom Marketo tracking codes, any activity (i.e. link clicks) can be tracked back into the Marketo platform