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Increase revenue as much as 30% in as few as 90 days. Accelerate sales through science.
Main Features
  • Inbound and outbound dialer
  • Voicemail, email, fax, texts
  • Easy plug-in to Salesforce CRM
  • Gamification to motivate reps helps businesses of all sizes increase revenues and improve sales productivity with the industry’s first comprehensive cloud-based sales acceleration platform.

Innovations in sales communications for immediate response, gamification for sales motivation, data visualization for real-time reporting, and predictive analytics for lead prioritization, hiring and more make SaaS provider the clear leader in sales acceleration technology. customers experience improvements in sales productivity and topline revenue growth by as much as 30 percent in as few as 90 days. In addition, customers typically improve lead contact rates by as much as 65 percent and see significant increases in call volume. enterprise customers include Fidelity, Microsoft, Groupon, McGraw-Hill, Marketo and more.