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Insider enables marketers to leverage predictive segmentation & real-time tech to deliver hyper-targeted personalizations on web, mobile web & apps.


Insider’s AI-backed customer experience delivery platform brings together all technologies marketers need to deliver personalized experiences under a single, highly usable platform.

Insider’s platform encompassing the Web Suite, Mobile Web Suite, Predictive Suiteand Mobile App Suite, empowers marketers across industries to deliver individualized and consistent customer experiences across touchpoints, without depending on a team of data scientists and IT teams.

Powered by predictive modelling, machine learning and AI algorithms, Insider’s platform collects, unifies and mines data, providing ready-to-use segments to marketers. Actionable visitor data is distilled data into a single dashboard, making it an integral part of marketers’ daily lives, enabling them to take data-based actions.

Insider’s conversion optimization and acquisition suite, Predictive Ad Audiences, brings a new approach to digital marketing, changing the way marketers work. It takes everything beyond conversion optimization and helps marketers increase ad spend efficiency by pushing predictive segments into 3rd party ad channels.




Insider & Marketo Integration

  • Once the integration is complete, Insider and Marketo customers can use Marketo to automatically pass and retrieve data from Insider.
  • Customers can also build Marketo Smart Campaigns that trigger push messages via Insider, using Insider’s Push API.
  • Customers can share profile and lead data to enhance segments which power hyper-personalized personalization scenarios.
  • With this integration marketer’s can leverage Insider’s predictive segments, powered by advanced predictive modelling, machine learning and AI algorithms.


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