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SMS Mobile Messaging

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Engage your customers with turnkey SMS campaigns from within Marketo.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • SMS for customer outreach
  • Send messages worldwide
  • No mandatory leasing fees
  • Get up and running quickly

Immediate and Relevant Customer Communications

It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email. It takes only 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message. Increasingly, people and businesses prefer texting over other methods of communication. This is because SMS is an extremely light-weight pushing of messages directly to your customers in a way that can be quickly delivered and understood at the right time by the right people. While SMS offers mass appeal as a way to reach large audiences, it offers relevancy and personalization possibilities like no other marketing channel.

Informatica’s SMS solution allows you to communicate and engage with your customers anytime and anywhere. We take away the complexity of managing multiple carrier relationships, since we can easily send text messages instantly to virtually any cell phone via a simple web API. Informatica's SMS solution supports carriers throughout the world. You can get started quickly, while avoiding mandatory monthly leasing fees common with other solutions.

Just a few ways to use Informatica’s SMS solution include:

  • Marketing notifications – Notifying individuals about historical purchasing patterns, retail site proximity, and predisposition to purchase.
  • Event alerts – Notifying individuals of utility outages, traffic events, or weather hazards.
  • Progress notifications – Providing updates about the status of a multi-stage workflow process or the process’s completion.
  • Service scheduling – Notifying a homeowner that a service technician is on the way.
  • Action reminders – Reminding people to order more contact lenses or to change the water filter in the refrigerator.
  • Appointment reminders – Providing an alert regarding an imminent physician’s appointment.

Unleash the full potential of text messaging by combining Informatica's SMS solution with your marketing automation strategies. See how it can improve your mobile marketing campaigns and advance your customer relationship management to a whole new level.  

Marketo Integration

Informatica’s SMS Mobile Messaging API

SMS-enabled marketing has never been easier within Marketo. Using Marketo’s “Webhook” capabilities, Informatica’s SMS Mobile Messaging API is now fully integrated into the Revenue Performance Management and Automated Marketing Platform. The integrated solution supports carriers throughout the world, enabling text messaging to be an easy-to-use addition to any Marketo solution. 

Using Marketo’s triggered campaigns and workflow capabilities alongside Informatica’s real-time, powerful SMS delivery capabilities, the possibilities are endless.

For example, you can have a campaign-triggered text message that notifies a sales person’s mobile device immediately when a new lead fills out a Web form within his or her region, as the lead enters the Marketo database. You could also set up workflow that a text is sent only at a certain lead score, allowing immediate focus on the highest quality leads. SMS text messaging provides lightning-quick responses to new, valuable opportunities that have entered the pipeline, maximizing the value of incoming leads.

Another example is notifying a customer via SMS text messaging that an order is completed and ready for pickup or delivery. The immediacy of a text message helps maintain the highest possible level of customer service. These are just a few possibilities using workflows and triggered campaigns in Marketo along with Informatica’s SMS messaging capabilities.