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Address Verification

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Verify, standardize, and correct postal addresses in the US, Canada, and over 240 other countries and territories.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Verify and correct addresses
  • 240+ Countries and territories

Returned mail and packages means wasted time and money, as well as unsatisfied customers. This is why it is essential that businesses validate their customers' mailing addresses before sending mail.

Informatica has created Address Verification solutions tailored specifically to meet your business needs. Our solutions allow you to improve sales and marketing efforts by ensuring shipping orders and direct mail are delivered to an accurate address.

Our cloud-based solution reduces undeliverable mail and wasted postage by 90% or more. The end-result for your organization is saved time and resources associated with returned mail and packages.

Our solutions support the US and Canada as well as over 240 international countries and territories.

Marketo Integration

Customer address data must be accurate in order for it to be valuable. With Informatica's address verification enabled within Marketo, you can benefit from postal certifications and detailed reference data that is constantly updated.

Using Marketo’s “Webhook” capabilities, Informatica’s Address Verification solution is now fully integrated into the Revenue Performance Management and Automated Marketing Platform. The integrated solution validates mailing addresses in real-time within or as they enter the Marketo system, recording the results in either the appropriate address fields or custom fields within the Marketo solution.

As leads enter into the Marketo system via a Web-to-lead form, the mailing address can be instantaneously verified to ensure that accurate addresses have been captured before entering the Marketo system. It is far more cost-effective to validate address data before it even enters your Marketing Automation database. 

In addition to validating mailing addresses, Informatica’s solution provides other data, such as latitude, longitude, county, zip+4, congressional district, and other useful information.

The benefit of cloud-based, Marketo-integrated address verification is that Informatica is constantly updating the postal reference data required for accurate verification in its data center without ever requiring customers to update their Marketo integration. Keeping the reference data up-to-date with zero data management requirement from the Marketo Administrator provides for a powerful, hassle-free solution.