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Informatica Rev for Marketo

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Rev is your shortcut to resolving your most annoying, time-sucking, mind numbing data problems.
Main Features
  • De-dupe email lists
  • Standardize industry codes
  • Blend campaign & CRM data
  • Reshape survey data

Hours of your life back

Engaging campaigns, laser targeting, great response rates. Fast analytics, rapid-fire business intelligence. That’s Marketo at its best.

But getting campaigns out or insights about them means getting your data ready first. And that can be “half the battle.”

No frustration, just fast

If you’ve ever spent hours prepping your data, you know what an exhausting and frustrating battle it can be.

Rev gets you through the tasks without learning macros or scripts. No more struggling with Excel, and no more making mistakes.

Start immediately

Rev is the only tool built to offer native data prep for Marketo. There’s no install, no coding, no formal training required, and the intuitive interface means there’s no learning curve. You’ll start saving time immediately. 

Finds the problems, so you don’t have them

Rev intelligently finds problems you didn’t know you had in your data, and corrects them. As your files grow larger and more complex, your problems don’t.

(Much) easier than what you’re doing today

Rev offers guided and automatic data correction and prep, so you can concentrate on designing campaigns, connecting with customers, and finding insights — not fighting messy, incomplete, improperly formatted files.

Operations that used to take hours are done intuitively, quickly, and correctly, in minutes. De-duping? Done. Validated data? Done. VLOOKUP? A thing of the past.

With Rev, you’re onto the good stuff.