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Phone Validation

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Verify customer and prospect phone numbers in over 240 countries and territories.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Eliminate invalid data
  • Determine landline vs. mobile
  • Append geographic data
  • Enhance customer engagement

Regardless of the industry or the department, communicating via telephone is essential for successfully connecting with your customers and prospects. Whether you are in marketing, sales, or customer service, you need to have accurate telephone numbers for your customers. Poor phone data quality leads to negative customer experiences and failed engagements.


Utilizing our Phone Validation service within Marketo ensures your customer and prospect phone numbers are accurate from the second that you acquire them. 

This integrated solution verifies phone numbers in real-time within Marketo, recording the results in custom fields.  By using Marketo’s Webhooks and Informatica’s Phone Validation REST API, you can verify phone numbers anywhere within your smart campaigns and programs in Marketo.


For example, verify phone numbers as soon as they enter your system via a web form.  Or you may choose to add the Webhook to a Smart Campaign at other points – like conducting a batch cleanse on a regular basis (quarterly, semi-annually, etc.) to keep your contacts up-to-date.

Marketo Integration

Please refer to our Marketo Integration Documentation