Influitive AdvocateHub for Marketo

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AdvocateHub powers purposeful communities by discovering, nurturing and mobilizing advocate relationships at scale, helping companies accelerate sales


AdvocateHub allows you to create a community to harness the enthusiasm of your top customers, partners and employees—your advocates. Discover, nurture and mobilize your advocates with a variety of challenges, such as referrals, reference calls or product reviews.

Capture the best referral leads

Make it easy for your advocates to submit referrals to drive higher-quality leads—and track them through the referral lifecycle to maintain transparency and engagement.

Generate awareness and increase sales through word of mouth marketing

Motivate your top advocates to share content on social media, post genuine product reviews and ratings, and create powerful testimonials and case studies that will make even the most skeptical prospects take a second look at your company.

Leverage the wisdom of the crowd

Advocates are the best source for better market insights. Get immediate feedback on an upcoming marketing campaign or your next product release, or get ideas for speakers and topics  for your next user event.

Report on the impact of advocate marketing

AdvocateHub offers intuitive reports and visual dashboards to analyze your advocates’ activities. It also integrates with to show the impact of your advocates on sales opportunities and revenue.

What AdvocateHub’s customers say:

“I can’t do my job without Influitive. I’ve been able to scale our team, resources and metrics 10x this year.” Danielle Camara, former Senior Manager, Customer Marketing at Marketo

“Through Influitive, we have been able to build a smart and strategic customer engagement strategy that has had a GIANT impact on our organizational goals.” Francesca Krihely, Senior Manager, Developer Advocacy at MongoDB


Influitive’s AdvocateHub integrates with Marketo and After you install our AppExchange package, data will flow seamlessly between AdvocateHub and, making it accessible to Marketo users. With this integration, you can drive deeper advocate engagement and dramatically improve the social promotion for your products and solutions.

This integration includes:

Targeting & Segmentation: Target your happiest customer advocates in Marketo based on their activity in Influitive and import their information from Salesforce.

Invitations: Invite new advocates to your advocate marketing program directly from Marketo.

Referrals: Track all the referral leads from your advocates in Marketo.

Integrations: Leverage Marketo to send thank-you messages to your advocates for completing activities like references, product reviews, and social shares.

Continued Engagement: Embed Influitive challenges within Marketo landing pages using Influitive’s AdvocateAnywhere.

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