Enterprise Messaging Service

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Infinite Convergence’s EMS enables businesses to communicate with customers and partners via text, picture and video in a cost effective manner.
Main Features
  • Global Reach
  • Interactive messaging
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Campaign Management

Infinite Convergence Enterprise Messaging Service

Key Features:

Global Reach

A single connection enables reach to over 800 cellular service providers in 180 countries

Analytics & Reporting

Extensive delivery analytics are available which provide detailed visibility into service usage and delivery reports.

Campaign Management
Create & manage communications and broadcasts to customers and partners simplifying the launch of SMS-based campaigns
Enterprise Control

Full control of all messaging programs in an enterprise through tight controls of user access to web interfaces using assigned roles and responsibilities

Interactive 2-Way SMS

Enables message exchange between enterprises and end-users

 Delivery Assurance

Requests and tracks delivery receipts from the destination mobile network