IP Marketing Automation Success Workshops

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inficiences partners MASW is a set of Marketo-based workshops designed to accelerate the adoption and the ROI of your Marketo investment.
Main Features
  • Implementation in Marketo
  • Buyer-centric methodology
inficiences partners MASW is a series of workshops aimed at driving the marketing teams towards full return on investment of your Marketo solution. These workshops, most of which include implementation in the product, last between 0,5 and 1 day. They are tailored to your contexts and objectives and rely on inficiences partners' unique Buyer-Centric methodology. Amongst the available workshops, one will find :

- Defining a Lead generation/Lead Nurturing strategy
- Designing and implementing the lead management process
- Designing and implementing Lead scoring strategy
- Designing and implementing of the registration - optin - opt out pages
- Optimizing delivery and CTR rates through best practice email design
- Creating best practice landing pages that foster conversion
- Database segmentation and target selection
- Designing and setting up an event (seminar, tradeshow) campaign
- Designing and setting up a multi-step nurturing campaign
- Using reporting and analytics to monitor and enhance campaign efficiency