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Infer - Predictive Lead Scoring

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With nothing more than a name and an email, Infer is able to accurately predict which leads are most likely to convert.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Instant insight into MQLs
  • Spot good leads in nurture
  • Rush the best leads to sales
  • Integrates with Marketo

Infer has the most advanced and effective predictive scoring solution on the market today. Across all customers, Infer’s models have been proven to dramatically increase win rates and conversion.

Deliver More Pipeline

  • Run smarter campaigns, predict performance, and make real-time adjustments

  • Surface good leads that are getting missed or sitting in nurture

Supercharge Sales Productivity

  • Move faster and immediately route high scoring leads to sales

  • Increase your conversion rate while filtering out bad leads from ever hitting Salesforce

Marketo Integration

Infer has pre-built connectors for Marketo and Salesforce.com so that it is incredibly easy to get up and running. During the model build process, we’ll use the connector to understand what a good customer looks like. Infer uses machine learning to identify what signals are statistically significant in predicting winners. It considers thousands of data points including CRM data, Marketing Automation data, as well as external signals Infer captures by crawling the web.

After the model has been reviewed and it’s accuracy has been tested, we can flip the switch and turn scoring on. Inside of Marketo you’ll have a new field called “Infer Score” that you can use to route leads, trigger workflow, or report on the success of your campaigns using core Marketo functionality. Because Infer uses external data it can provide an accurate score for leads without waiting for data about the lead to build up, enabling you to rush the best leads to sales as soon as they’re created. The Infer score works with Marketo Sales Insight so you can seamlessly combine advanced predictive scoring with the investments you have already made in technology and training. In fact, customers who have developed an activity-based scoring models in Marketo frequently continue to leverage it, using Infer for the explicit score.