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Integrate all stages of your event management
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Check-In
  • Management Platform
  • Beacons & NFC
  • Event App

Integrate all stages of your event management

InEvent enables you to organize your events on an integrated platform, enabling flexible web management, powerful hardware support and custom mobile technology to ensure the result at your event.

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Our solutions

InEvent brings integrated solutions for your event, including check-in, RSVP, mobile app, activations for booths, data collectors, big screens, iBeacons, connections maps, live coverage, reports, etc. All these systems communicate with each other, making it simple to organize and manage your event.

Our events platform integrates all the steps for interaction, automation and involvement, that is, in a single location you can analyze, visualize, and manage your event. With our end-to-end solution, the exchange of information on your event becomes automatic, using the power of mobile to events.

Our support

InEvent is a company that works with you. We offer comprehensive plans so your event operations will not have to worry about its technology management operational details. Our support is committed to deliver the expected result, working with leading events companies.

With our team present in your event, we offer full content curation, wi-fi internet, tablets support, live coverage of the event, help-desk exclusively for your participants, mailing lists and customized arts and colors.

Our products

To integrate the management of your event, we offer a fully-featured platform for events, with intelligent mobile apps, connected hardware and support materials.

Based on an event app exclusive for you, our mobile technology for events works offline, is integrated with the leading companies in the market, has compatibility with the most popular devices and delivers its results in real time.

Marketo Integration

With InEvent, you will be able to integrate all participants of your event within our platform, including registration form data, check-in statistics and a lot more.

You can import one of your lead lists to a specific event of our platform, in real time, and manage them as much as you want.