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The Full-Service Marketing Automation Agency

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Masters of mind-blowing email marketing automation, since 1997.
Main Features
  • Winning Strategies
  • Brilliant Creative
  • Expert Guidance
  • Managed Services

We're Indiemark, a full-service automation agency that will help you generate more loyalty and more revenue using Marketo.

From concept to execution, we're 100% dedicated to growing your email marketing ROI.

  • Strategy - Practical guidance to help you maximize every opportunity and avoid every risk.
  • Creative - We design, code and write responsive emails that perform beautifully.
  • Support - Set-up and services to help you make the most of Marketo.
  • Management - Outsource all (or part) of your production to Indiemark. 
  • Technical - We'll seamlessly sync Marketo with all or your third-party or custom apps.

We help great companies, large and small, crush their marketing automation goals.

Let's get this party started!