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Predictive lead generation (Europe)

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Fill Marketo with European leads showing strong buying probability and velocity.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Buying score on net new leads
  • 30m professionals in Europe
  • Integrated with Marketo API

Lead Generation in Europe

IKO is a predictive lead generation solution for companies addressing the European markets.

The technology identifies buying signals on 30m professionals and 10m companies from public and premium sources (press articles, interviews, premium databases, web and social signals).

The lead scoring algorithms detect and rank strong buying-probability and high velocity leads. The result is a prospecting list that converts 8x more than traditional prospecting lists.

The solution is used by 250 B2B companies including 70% of the top software vendors. IKO solution is recognized as "Cool vendor 2015" by Gartner and #1 lead generation solution in Europe by G2Crowd.


Marketo Integration

Use case : 

The solution ranks new leads by buying probability (MQLs) and pushes lead data (demographics+firmographics+buying score) to Marketo or Salesforce.

We then build custom engagement streams with prospects to achieve up to 12x the usual results.

The IKO+Marketo integration handles deduplication and segmentation.


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