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Maximizing Opportunities from Trade Shows and Events iCapture streamlines your events/trade shows with speed, consistency, visibility, and expertise!


    Trade shows and events are an opportunity-rich environment! iCapture helps your company maximize these opportunities. iCapture enhances trade show/event performance in four major areas: 

  • Speed: The hottest leads get routed to your sales reps right away 
  • Consistency: A consistent method of gathering leads at every show that instantly syncs with Marketo (no more rented lead scanners, fish bowls, gathering business cards, etc.) 
  • Visibility: Direct access to analytics to help you prove ROI/event spend and make data-driven decisions 
  • Expertise: Get an expert team behind you (event specialists, integration specialists, strategy experts), so you are always prepped to win at events
"If you’re ever thinking you need to maximize the money you spend on trade shows, there’s an advantage to using iCapture. If you’re of a certain size and you aren’t doing it, you probably don’t look as professional. Our scanning and follow-up, how we handle our leads, makes us the leader at these shows. I would recommend it to everybody except for my direct competitors."   

—Benjamin Smith, VP of Marketing (Americas), Promethean


iCapture Integration with Marketo

Capture trade show leads and sync them seamlessly into your Marketo account.

  • Scan any trade show badge to capture contact information
  • Identify prospect wants and needs with powerful lead qualifiers
  • Add notes for hot prospects
  • Automatically score leads based on their personal preferences and qualifiers

Pass all of the captured information directly into Marketo to ensure the most customized, relevant communication possible.


Also using Salesforce.com?

  • Send the HOT LEADS directly into Salesforce as well to ensure the most prompt follow-up possible.

Find our Marketo Integration Setup Instructions here.

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