Lead Capture That Sales And Marketing Teams Love

By iCapture.com

Finally... A Single, Mobile Solution to Scan Badges (and Business Cards) at Every Event and Trade Show... synced directly to Marketo


Frustrated with Poor Quality Leads?

iCapture is the fastest way to capture the right lead information from every show without dealing with multiple spreadsheets and missing data.


Accelerate your Sales Pipeline with iCapture

  • iCapture allows you to completely customize the capture experience.  

  • You get the data you need.

  • Your sales team gets instant access to the highest priority leads.

The Result:

  • More Relevant Nurture Campaigns,
  • More Appointments Booked,
  • More Deals Closed.

"It was one of the largest data captures we have had at our trade shows, and the information captured was much more valuable.

-- Shayne Thomas, Sales Director, Peavey Commercial Audio


Why Sales chooses iCapture:

  • Flexible app interface allows for quick data capture
  • Easy to add notes at a later time
  • Simple checkboxes identify what is most important to the prospect
  • Relevant data yields more post-show appointments

Why Marketing chooses iCapture:

  • Complete tracking from point of initial contact through the sales pipeline
  • Deep detail on each lead captured
  • Advanced analytics show product trends and captures by staff person
  • Show-by-Show ROI Tracking becomes a snap!

Why IT chooses iCapture:

  • Clean, consistent data every time
  • Connect to iCapture to Marketo one time
  • Easily trigger Marketo campaigns based on incoming data


iCapture Integration with Marketo

Capture trade show leads and sync them seamlessly into your Marketo account.

  • Scan any trade show badge to capture contact information
  • Identify prospect wants and needs with powerful lead qualifiers
  • Add notes for hot prospects
  • Automatically score leads based on their personal preferences and qualifiers

Pass all of the captured information directly into Marketo to ensure the most customized, relevant communication possible.


Also using Salesforce.com?

  • Send the HOT LEADS directly into Salesforce as well to ensure the most prompt follow-up possible.

Find our Marketo Integration Setup Instructions here.

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