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Spend less time inputting data and more time marketing. IBM’s no-code approach provides a simple way to build powerful integrations that drive ROI.


Marketo Integration with IBM App Connect

If you’re currently using Marketo, you’ll already be aware that automating processes increases efficiency and drives a better customer experience. But Marketo is only as good as the information that feeds it and still relies on you to manually process opportunities, which takes valuable time. With IBM App Connect, you can connect Marketo to market-leading enterprise applications to extend the value of automation and increase ROI.

How can App Connect help you?

  •  Enables you to seamlessly connect your business applications, using a ‘configuration no-coding’ approach, without needing IT skills.
  •  Gives you a single view of your customers by coordinating data between connected applications on cloud and on premises.
  •  Enables you to work more closely with your partners, securely transporting and transforming data between the different systems.
  •  Transforms your business campaigns, by connecting and enriching data between marketing, sales, other apps and enterprise systems.

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Why IBM App Connect?

Let's say you get a new lead through your website, App Connect will automatically notify Marketo of the opportunity and begin the process of targeted nurture. With App Connect you can then share that information with your CRM and add the customer’s details if they don’t already exist, or update them with the latest information if they do. From there, App Connect can send your sales team a message to inform them that one of their customers is being nurtured and to act accordingly.

There’s no limit to how many applications you can connect and with App Connect’s Designer UI, you can do so quickly and without the need for technical expertise. By ensuring data is always accurate across your applications, you’ll guarantee customers enjoy a consistent and concise experience. What’s more, you can spend the time you used to spend inputting data and updating contacts on more valuable activities.

Using App Connect's smart connectors, marketers can build powerful integration flows to automate a number of compelling tasks, including enriching their data using the connector to Lucy, the cognitive enrichment service built on IBM Watson.

For more technical users, App Connect also empowers you to expose your integration flows as APIs, which can be used to share data captured in Marketo with other custom tools.


With IBM App Connect, marketers can extend the value of marketing automation to deliver seamless and effective solutions that increase efficiency and drive a better customer experience. IBM App Connect offers enterprise-class technology at an affordable price and with multiple deployment options.


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