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We specialize in marketing automation strategy, implementation and ongoing management. Let us supercharge Marketo for your business!



We've always been a little different. HyperX started guiding companies through the digital marketing landscape in 1998. While the solutions have changed, our goal hasn't: craft campaigns that transform tire kickers into life-long customers.

Our team of industry veterans blends wide-ranging expertise with grade-A craftsmanship. Some of the world's most recognizable brands have trusted HyperX with their industry experience and tech dexterity to build high performing digital projects. 

Marketing Automation

We specialize in Marketo strategy, implementation, training and ongoing management. From program setup, lead scoring, CRM integration, identifying entry and exit points, custom reporting to Real Time Personalization (RTP) and lead status stage changes we have you covered with our in-house experts. Could you use full-featured Marketo forms on your WordPress landing pages? Click to download our Ultimate Marketo Forms plugin developed by HyperX!

Content Marketing

Our team of wordsmiths wield compelling content to guide buyers from interest-pique to conversion. We will blueprint a killer content marketing plan then build a ROI-reaping automated marketing machine to get your words out there.

Design & Development

Good looks & Brains...Our designs are the complete package: we weave beauty with smarts in all the digital assets we make. Flashy designs look good in your portfolio, but you aren't trying to win a pageant - you want measurable results. Get the pretty face and intimidating intellect in your next web project.

Digital Advertising

More and more relationships are starting on the web. With our help, you can begin building long-lasting relationships with your buyers, get more leads and improve lead quality by getting the right messages onto the right screens.



Whether you are new to marketing automation or would like to see if your current campaigns are getting the results the should be, our marketing automation experts can help you get on the bullet train to results. Click HERE and fill out the form to get started or give us a call at (801) 386-9027.


Marketing Automation

We drive results for our clients through careful review and creation of marketing automation strategy, implementation, training & ongoing management.

Content Marketing

We blueprint killer content marketing plans then build ROI-reaping automated marketing machines to get your words out there.

Design & Development

We skillfully weave beauty with smarts in all the digital assets we make with measurable results! Get the pretty face and intimidating intellect.

Digital Advertising

More relationships start on the web. Reduce costs, increase lead quantity and improve lead quality with our tailor-fit digital advertising services.

Embed Marketo Forms on WordPress

Our Ultimate Marketo Forms for WordPress plug-in enables benefits like auto-fill, progressive profiling, and custom confirmation page logic.

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We were way in over our heads with some technical issues between SF and Marketo. The HXM team did an amazing job with fixing our problems and teaching us a long the way. We highly recommend HXM!
Alex Parent, Digital Marketing Manager at