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Ungate Your Content AND Capture More Quality (Human-Verified) Leads.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Double Opt-In
  • Auto Append
  • Human-Verified Leads
  • Up to 400% Uplift

Gated vs. Ungated Content: The Debate is Over

Hushly enables you to liberate your content and capture more high quality (human-verified) leads.

Ungated Content

When website visitors download your ungated content you end up with zero leads; not knowing who viewed your valuable content.  Hushly customers are capturing Human-Verified OPT-IN Leads from website visitors who download their ungated content.

Gated Content

Most website visitors intentionally lie on web forms polluting your target segmentation, lead scoring and routing. Hushly customers are getting rid of their traditional web forms AND capturing more quality OPT-IN Leads from their website visitors.

Website Abandoers

You got buyers, actively looking for a solution, to your website and that’s a great start. Don’t let them leave without a trace. Hushly customers are capturing Human-Verified OPT-IN leads from website visitors who attempt to abandon their web forms.

Marketo Integration

Leads captured by Hushly are auto-enriched, verified with your visitor's LinkedInTM profile and automatically published to Marketo.
For this to happen you need to do two things
  1. Establish a Webservice connection between Hushly and Marketo
  2. Map Hushly members profile attributes to Lead fields in Marketo