Wordpress Integration for Marketo

By Hoosh Marketing

Send automated Emails and Digests with your blog posts, easily create Newsletters and personalize your website to increase conversions.


Hoosh Marketing’s WordPress Integration for Marketo can help you increase your website conversions, nurture your subscribers and save time by automating processes that you would have to do manually.

You can automatically notify subscribers of new blog articles via emails and digests, easily create Newsletters by tagging the posts you want to add, send the data captured in your WordPress forms directly into Marketo and personalize your webpage and offerings to improve your visitor’s experience.

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Key detailed features: 

Auto-email blog updates & digests — Save time and manual effort by leveraging our integration to automatically notify subscribers of new WordPress blog articles via emails and digests

Ad hoc Newsletters — Easily create Newsletters by simply tagging the blog posts you want to add, with no copy and paste or coding required. You can prioritize the blog posts and choose the order they will be displayed in the Newsletter

Marketo-enabled WordPress Forms— Use Marketo-enabled forms to capture visitor data from WordPress forms directly into your Marketo. To avoid re-asking visitors the same questions, your forms can be prefilled with data held in Marketo. Save time and create ease of use for your designer as the forms are fully responsive and part of your WordPress template

Smart visitor sign up - Maximize subscriber sign ups by timing the activation of pop-up sign up boxes according to visitor interest. You can customize these interest criteria in your Marketo, using a combination of fields including product interest, geography, persona and pages visited

Website personalization— Website personalization allows you to personalize your offers, content and sign ups by logging visitor activity and determining their interests. All this contributes to a more tailored and streamlined experience for your visitors, which increases conversions. You can also use in-session personalization to change the appearance, branding and the look of your website.

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Wordpress for Marketo

Our integration is written as a Wordpress plugin installed in your Wordpress website. It uses the Marketo API which means it can only be used with Marketo Standard edition and above. This version has the full capabilities: dynamic content, forms with progressive profiling and pre-fill, Munchkin code etc.

Wordpress Installation

Installation is straightforward and can be done by an experienced Wordpress user. However, the setup of the full version requires API details which only a Marketo admin can provide.

The Wordpress plugin has an admin screen included, where the integration settings can be modified, including API caching.

Usage of the plugin is primarily through Wordpress shortcodes, which can be used in posts, pages, custom post types, templates, widgets and anywhere else. This plugin does support Wordpress caching plugins such as W3 Cache, however caching must be disabled on pages which require instant dynamic content.

For more information on how to integrate Wordpress with Marketo, please contact Hoosh Marketing.

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