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Founded by ex-Marketo staff, Hoosh is the #1 Launchpoint Partner for Marketo technology, strategy and campaign services. We help Marketo customers deliver exceptional results by implementing superior strategy with highly integrated, cutting-edge marketing technology. 


Marketo Offline Forms - Use Marketo Offline Forms to capture leads details in Events & Tradeshows with no Internet connection. You can switch your Marketo Landing Page to offline mode and the data captures will be synced with Marketo once Internet connection is restored.

Marketo Landing Page Template Builder - Using the technology of our Guided Landing Pages for Marketo, we develop 100% customized and Marketo-compatible landing pages based on each customer’s needs and strategy.

Marketo Training - Run best practice campaigns in under 90 days with Hoosh University Online Learning. The training was developed by pioneers in the marketing automation space and provides a combination of digital marketing theory and practical hands-on Marketo exercises.

CRM Integrations - integrate your Marketo with the main CRM platforms, such as Salesforce, Sugar and MS Dynamics. In collaboration with the customer, we develop the systems architecture strategy and define the information that needs to be synced, customizing the integration to your specific needs.

Excel Formulas for Marketo - Our Excel webhook can make your life a lot easier. It allows you to use Formulas for several purposes such as data cleaning, formatting, validating emails, defining segmentation, applying advanced math to campaigns, among others.

Health Checker - Ensure your Marketo is healthy in less than 30 seconds. Our Free Health Checker tool generates an instant report verifying your email deliverability, possible code breaks in email and landing pages, URLs and reports on your campaigns, so you can ensure everything works properly.

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Marketo Integrations

  • Shopify Integration
  • WooComerce Integration
  • Pipedrive Integration 
  • Netsuite Integration
  • Neto Integration
  • MS Dynamics Integration & Implementation
  • Magento Integration

Why are our Integrations the best option?

Our integrations are written as an extension installed in your eCommerce store. We use Workato that serves as the middleman between your app and CRM with key benefits such as:

  • Automation of complex workflows
  • Obtention of recipes that respond to real-time events such as receiving customer payments
  • Starting automation with a single click, A/B testing, editing and restarting without missing a single event or having duplicates
  • Integration of your data across CRM & e-commerce in one platform with bulk/batch processing
  • Secure and SOC 2 complaint that is designed with a secure and distributed infrastructure with multiple layers of protection

Marketo Programs Included

The extension itself is not particularly useful without the supporting Marketo programs, which is why we bundle these together. Services to customize these pre-built programs are also included with the installation.

For more information on how to integrate your app with Marketo, please contact Hoosh Marketing.

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Our customer bought Marketo and wanted to sync their existing customer records from thier eCommerce to Marketo. We worked with Hoosh to get the sync up and running in no time.