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Deliver more beautiful email communications to your team, in less time, without sacrificing quality, brand integrity or results.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Online proofing
  • Approval workflow
  • Collaboration & Audit
  • Faster email creation

Marketing teams need to deliver more beautiful email communications, in less time, without sacrificing quality, brand integrity or results.

CommsBuddy streamlines the review and approval process for any email from the first email template through to campaign execution.

 CommsBuddy radically simplifies email creation, review and approval. Intuitive to use, yet powerful enough for pros, CommsBuddy is the only platform built to handle all your email communications from concept to go in record time.


Key Capabilities:

  • Review, Proofing & Editing - Ensure that emails are delivered on time with powerful workflow tools to track each section of email in review, and each person in the review and approval process. 

  • Approvals - CommsBuddy accommodates a flexible, tiered approval process. It allows anyone to invite collaborators and approvers to approve their work. CommsBuddy is simple enough to use that non-technical approvers can make edits too.
  • Collaborate & Track Progress - Review the changes you and your collaborators have made and compare revisions of emails. See who has offered feedback on your work, respond to comments, create new versions and get or give final approval.

  • Audit Trails & Revisions - Comms Buddy saves all versions of an email and comments so you can easily trace back edits or approvals to an individual. If mistakes are made, you can easily revert back to any previous version.

  • Quick Template & Email Creation - CommsBuddy streamlines the actual creation of templates and emails with a easy-to-use visual creation which requires no technical skill. It’s 400% faster with less effort and lower costs.

  • Collaborative Content Creation - With tracked revisions, it is easy for your team to simultaneously work on the same email communication, ending traditional email creation bottlenecks.

  • Less Errors and Rework - The CommsBuddy email editor does not allow underlying email code to be modified, thus preventing the number one cause of incompatibly with different devices and email clients.


For Inquiries
Phone: +61 2 8355 9927 



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Marketo Integration

The Comms Buddy Integration is a tool that allows customers to easily create responsive and customised email templates for Marketo, with no coding or technical knowledge required. As the perfect buddy for your company's internal and external email, use our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, build entire emails within minutes and save costs. This is the perfect tool for enterprise business that gives you functionalities such as approvals, comments, sharing and more! 

  • Build Quicker & Save Costs - Our drag-and-drop Comms Buddy speeds production and costs one tenth of the traditional email template building process. No more waiting on designers and coders to get back to you.
  • Product On-Brand Emails - The drag and drop nature of the Comms Buddy and embedded professional branding options make sure your staff produce emails that stay on-brand.
  • Don't Rely on Designers & Coders- Using our Comms Buddy's drag-and-drop interface, you can easily customise layout, colour scheme and add your own logo/images. No coding knowledge is necessary.