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Create responsive guided landing page templates for Marketo in minutes, with no technical knowledge
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Drag-and-drop usability
  • 100% Marketo-compatible
  • Guided landing page templates
  • Consistent on-brand design

Ensure the success of conversions on your next Marketo landing pages. The Marketo Landing Page Template Builder creates reliable, on-brand and flexible landing pages, saves time, money and reduces your reliance on outside resources to get your landing pages built quickly.

Our Landing Page Template Builder is the only tool in the world that creates Marketo-compatible landing page templates within an easy-to-use interface, that are fully responsive and tested across all devices.


Break free from your reliance on designers and coders

Reduce your dependency on external coders and agencies. Using our Template Designer’s drag-and-drop technology, you can easily customise the layout, change the colour scheme and add your own logo/images and forms, with a few clicks and drags of the mouse. No coding knowledge is necessary to use the Landing Page Template Designer.


Consistent On-Brand Design

The drag and drop nature of the Landing Page Template Designer and the embedded professional branding options contained within various design elements make sure your staff aren’t overwhelmed by design choices and helps them produce landing pages that stay on-brand.


Fast turnaround – don’t wait for every redesign

Built with speed of use and efficiency in mind, the intuitive design of our Landing Page Template Designer allows you to quickly and easily create emails from a selection of our pre-made landing page templates, or from scratch.


100% field tested across various platforms

The Marketo-ready landing page templates generated by the Landing Page Template Designer have been thoroughly field-tested across a variety of platforms. This ensures compatibility and robustness of each drag and drop element in the designer, and the landing page template as a whole.


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Marketo Integration

Hoosh Marketing’s design team can create fully responsive and customised Marketo-compatible Guided Marketo Landing Pages.

Save time and money using MGuided Landing Pages with our integration and don’t rely on designers and coders for your campaigns.


  • Marketo coded and responsive

  • Customised to your branding

  • Save time and money - update content, images, links and colour easily