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Marketo Email Template Builder

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Create on-brand, beautiful, responsive Marketo emails, using 1000s of layouts, with no HTML knowledge
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Responsive emails for Marketo
  • 1000s of on-brand layouts
  • Easy drag & drop, no HTML
  • Pre-tested in mail clients

Are you frustrated with Marketo's out-of-the-box templates? Finding Marketo's in-built editor hard to use?

Wasting time fixing broken or off-brand emails? Waiting for coders to fix bugsApprovals denied because colors or fonts were changed?
Spending way too long getting emails built, fixed & approved?
Or just need new on-brand templates and a better/faster way to use them?
Try our Email Template Builder (ETB) for Marketo. 
With the ETB, you can create on-brand, beautiful Marketo emails with 1000s of layouts. With a simple drag-and-drop interface designed for Marketers, you don't need any HTML knowledge.
Our templates are already tested on all mail clients and devices, to ensure breakages don't occur. You can invite and collaborate with anyone, secure in the knowledge that the ETB will prevent users from accidentlly breaking emails or going off-brand.
Reduce your concept-to-approved workflow from weeks to hours. ETB let's you simultaneously add content and request changes with other users. Even better, you can send and track approvals to marketing and non-marketing users (legal, compliance and brand). 
Key Capabilities:
  • Branded, beautiful Marketo templates — use your own templates, or have our experienced team create beautiful, on-brand templates just for you
  • 1000s of layouts — easily create any layout you want, newsletters, events, content downloads, product specials, catalouges, or anything you require - all on-brand  
  • Robust responsive emails — templates have been Quality Assured across all common email clients & devices, ensuring compatibility and preventing breakages
  • Workflow Management - create emails, share with others, add content collaboratively, add comments, request and track approvals. Full audit tracking
  • Send to Marketo— Upload to Marketo with just a click!





Marketo Integration

The Email Template Builder is designed to easily upload emails and templates to Marketo.

It uses the REST API for enhanced and granular permissions and security.

There are two actions in the 'Send to Marketo' functionality of the ETB:

  • Create Email Template - which uploads your current email as a Marketo Template asset in the Design Studio
  • Create Email - which uploads your current email to a Program of your choice in Marketing Activities

If you choose not to connect your ETB to Marketo, you can still manually download the HTML code and create an email in Marketo from this HTML