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Magento Integration for Marketo

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Leverage Marketo's power in your Magento store. Set up a variety of automated and personalized programs triggered by purchase history
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Deep Data Sync
  • Cart Abandonment Program
  • Automates Triggered Emails
  • Integrated Reporting

Hoosh Marketing’s Magento Integration for Marketo helps online retailers supercharge their stores and increase sales.

With our integration, you can set up a variety of automated and personalized programs, triggered by purchase history and other criteria, which help you welcome, convert, retain, up-sell, reward, and win customers back.


Key features:

Cart Abandonment programs — Track and profile your customers. If they abandoned cart before finalizing the purchase, send highly targeted personalized emails for customer to return and complete purchase.

Deep data sync — Seamlessly synchronize your latest customer/prospect data in Marketo with Magento transactions. 

Triggered emails — Automate triggered emails based on Purchase history, Areas of Product interest, Recommended and Crowd Sourced Products from Marketo.

Integrated reporting and marketing ROI —  Easily report on the revenue generated in Magento and the ROI of individual campaigns in Marketo, as well as the overall effect of higher-level marketing initiatives on revenue.


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Marketo Integration

Magento for Marketo

Our integration is written as a Magento extension installed in your eCommerce store. 

We use Workato that serves as the middleman between your Magento and CRM with key benefits:

  • Automate complex workflows 
  • Get recipes that respond to real-time events such as receiving customer payments
  • Start automation with a single click, A/B Testing, edit and restart without missing a single event nor having duplicates
  • Integrate your data across your CRM & eCommerce in one platform with bulk / batch processing and structure and unstructured data bases.
  • Secure and SOC 2 compliant that is designed with a secure and distributed infrastructure with multiple layers of protection.

Marketo Programs Included

The extension itself is not particularly useful without the supporting Marketo programs, which is why we bundle these together. Services to customize these pre-built programs are also included with the installation.

For more information on how to integrate Magento with Marketo, please contact Hoosh Marketing.