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Hive9 is the marketing performance management company. We help B2B marketing leaders measure, predict, and improve the impact of marketing.
Main Features
  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Dashboards and Analytics
  • Journey Maps
  • Integrated with Marketo

Hive9's marketing performance management solution consists of three modules:



  • Get one view of all marketing plans and budgets
  • Create and view revenue-centric marketing plans that are aligned to corporate goals
  • Eliminate planning silos with an agile collaborative planning environment.
  • Get one system of record for marketing that orchestrates the rest of your marketing tools
  • Easily see all campaigns, calendars, and expected results. Built-in expert recommendations guide you to your goals
  • Use multiple waterfalls to answer “what if” questions, predict outcomes, and plan for contingencies
  • Increase budget efficiency with top-down meets bottom-up. See budget/plan/committed/actual by region/product/verticals.


  • Measure what matters to get real-time visibility into performance
  • Know which campaigns work and which don’t, so you can make changes at the right time
  • Get data-driven actionable insights via consolidated set of dashboards
  • Drill down easily with dynamic views and filters
  • Reduce painful manual reporting efforts
  • Definitively prove marketing ROI and revenue impact with detailed touch point analytics and accurate attribution


  • Engage prospects and customers based on actionable touch points
  • Drive clear marketing actions based on customer behavior data
  • Optimize customer engagement with tag management and next best messages
  • Get a clear journey map of all the touch points from marketing and sales along your buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle
  • Retain customers and create advocates

Built to deliver value quickly for B2B marketers

  • Integrated to Marketo
  • Built for B2B marketers by B2B marketers
  • Up and running in days
  • Cloud-based. Easy onboarding. Code-free configuration
  • Pre-configured integrations to CRM, marketing automation, project management and financial systems