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The Highspot sales enablement platform unites go-to-market efforts by connecting sales reps with the most effective sales and marketing assets that engage today’s modern buyers. Surface the right content, for every sales situation, at the right time.   

Sales Reps Love Highspot

  • Naturally fits into existing day-to-day workflows for content management and sales pitching
  • Fresh and innovative approach to sales enablement
  • More than 90% customer adoption rate
  • Highest rated on the Salesforce AppExchange and G2Crowd

How Teams Use Highspot

Marketers organize, deliver, analyze, and optimize content by product, subject, or sales play and understand usage and effectiveness on a sale. Marketo ToutApp and CRM integrations make it easy for sales reps to share the best-performing and most up-to-date content with buyers.

Sales reps find, send, and present the most effective content with prospects and automatically log activity within your CRM. Marketo admins can adjust lead scoring based on a prospect’s engagement with the sales team. With the Highspot and ToutApp integration, it's a snap for sales reps to share content from Highspot in an email or template to present buyers with the right information, right when they need it.


Patented Artificial Intelligence

Surfaces the most effective content via search, predictive scoring, and content recommendations.

Connect Sales to the Best Content

Flexible content management combined with semantic search, intelligent recommendations, and CRM integration.

Share & Track Content Engagement

Sales can share content via email and screen sharing and get real-time insights on customer engagement.

Full Circle Analytics

Marketing and sales leadership have the analytics to optimize content, tune sales pitches, and amplify best practices.

Identify & Optimize Best Practices

Keep up the with the changing market by analyzing the most effective content, sales plays, and best practices.

Content in Context with Spots

“Spots” organize content based on topics, themes, playbooks and more without the burden of managing multiple file versions or antiquated folders.

Max Limit (6 Features)


Highspot's integration with Marketo and ToutApp places the power of modern sales enablement in the hands of your sales reps. Experience the benefits by navigating to Marketo's admin options and selecting ToutApp from within the content partners section.  Then select Highspot and click save. Once this is enabled, users on Marketo and ToutApp will be able to select content directly from Highspot to be included in your sales emails.

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After our switch to Highspot, we no longer have to worry about our sales staff accidentally using outdated sales materials ... Finding items via search or filtering is also a breeze.
Jessy Hutchinson, Market Research Analyst at Lamar Advertising Company