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Go To Market Readiness

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Our Go To Market Readiness Review recommends improvements with Data Health, Content & Search, Process, Training, & Sales Collaboration.
Main Features
  • Database Health
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Management

The Heinz Marketing 2014 Go To Market Readiness Review is ideal for organizations using Marketo who want to immediately improve the efficacy and results of current efforts, plus successfully plan, budget for and hit the ground running on greater objectives next year.

The 2014 Readiness Review includes insights into the following:


  • What systems are in place to support & automate execution? (ie. Marketo, Salesforce, RingLead, InsideView, etc.) 
  • Which new processes can be introduced to improve efficiency, consistency and results with minimal cost?


  • Which roles are required to execute on the strategy & objectives moving forward?
  • What skill sets do existing staff need to increase success in the coming year?

Database Health

  • How efficient is the current prospect database?
  • Where can it be improved – depth and breadth – and how can that be most efficiently accomplished?


  • What is the optimal software stack for your marketing organization?
  • Which specific tools, applications and integrations are required both now and over the next several quarters?

Sales & Marketing Collaboration

  • What processes, rhythms and other collaborations need to be in place to improve lead conversion and sales success?
  • What specific strategies and tactics can both organizations adopt to improve real-time results?

Content, Social & Search Strategy

  • What is the optimal mix and collaboration between content, social and search specific to your customer and market opportunity?
  • What resources, tools and processes can be introduced to increase leverage and results from these focus areas?

Every 2014 readiness review participant will receive:

  • A comprehensive report of findings, complete with data and comparables based on your competitors
  • Explicit set of recommendations for how/where to execute moving forward – including recommendations for tools, technology, people and budget required to succeed
  • Quick win opportunities that can have a material impact on objectives for the remainder of 2013
  • Templates and how-to guidelines for your team, where appropriate, to deliver quick execution internally
  • Specific strategy & execution blueprints that map your current tools & implementation to required scale for 2014, so you can hit the ground running on January 2nd