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Through a simple, point-and-click interface, Heap allows anyone to do powerful, retroactive, event-based analytics without involving IT.
Main Features
  • No IT required
  • Point-and-click event creator
  • Retroactive analysis
  • Funnels, retention, and more

Heap is a web and mobile analytics solution that helps you understand your users.

Why do Zendesk, Intuit, InfusionSoft, AirBnB, and thousands of other businesses use Heap over dozens of other analytics tools?

The easiest possible integration.
After just a 1-minute installation, Heap automatically captures every user interaction with no extra code. This includes clicks, touches, gestures, form submissions, and page views.

Analytics that anyone can use.
Heap offers a visual point-and-click interface to track analytics events and build reports. This allows marketers, product managers, and other non-technical customers to do end-to-end analytics without ever having to get the engineering team to write code for them.

Don't wait days to collect data.
Heap automatically tracks events before you realize you need them. Therefore, all analysis is retroactive, so there's no need to wait days for data to accumulate. You can rely on each report to include everything from day one.

Understand each user's behavior.
Pinpoint a single user and display their entire clickstream, along with every single action they performed in your app. Define meaningful user segments in seconds, without writing code.

Powerful metrics that actually matter.
Heap is powerful enough to answer business questions that actually matter, instantly. Analysis features include funnel reports, segmentation analysis, retention analysis, trends reporting, and much more.