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Harte Hanks is a full-service marketing agency that can support your marketing automation program with minimal ramp-up and faster go-to-market.
Main Features
  • Strategy & Optimization
  • Technology Integration
  • Engagement Program Execution
  • Reporting & Analysis

Harte Hanks is a leader in optimizing the customer journey and creating memorable and effective customer interactions that engage and motivate your customers. For many companies marketing automation and CRM systems are a must, but in reality few companies have enough resources and expertise to fully leverage the technologies available. 

We can help. Our team of experts has years of experience helping the world's biggest brands optimize their marketing automation programs. Acting as an extension of your marketing team, Harte Hanks supports all aspects of your marketing automation program including strategy & planning, architecture of your marketing technology ecosystem, execution of your engagement programs, and data mining & reporting for business intelligence. All with minimal ramp-up time and faster go-to-market, making your team more efficient and freeing up bandwidth for strategic projects.


Our experts can quickly dive in and assess your infrastructure, technology and campaigns to develop a targeted, strategic plan to meet your goals. Our approach leverages years of experience working across multiple industries and segments to provide a plan that balances thought leadership and established best practices.


We also understand that your marketing automation and CRM platforms are exponentially more effective when they are integrated. Our team has an expert understanding of marketing technology and can help you understand your options, ensure you have the right tools, and develop and execute on plans to get the most value from your systems.


Harte Hanks can execute your engagement program including database segmentation, campaign and engagement set-up, email blasts, process development and reporting & analysis. Our customers rely on us to be a centralized execution team that allows them to deploy programs faster and with a higher level of expertise.

Harte Hanks is a full service marketing agency that can provide support for your marketing team along each step of your customer journey. With Data Refinery, Harte Hanks offers faster and more accurate customer insights and more complete customer profiles so you can create smarter, more relevant customer interactions. And, our award-winning creative services team creates experiences that connect with customers and are smarter, richer and more profitable with every interaction.