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Gather engagement, influencer, and conversion analytics for all your on-site and off-site content with our innovative smart URL system.
Main Features
  • White Label Shortened URLs
  • Unlimited Content Tags
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Dashboards/Custom Reports/API

Meet kontextURLs…the World’s smartest URL.

kontextURLs is a smart URL system enabling digital marketers to gain complete visibility into content and audience engagement. Your customer’s entire digital journey is now visible to your sales and marketing teams.

As a content creator, kontextURLs enable you to build smart URLs, leveraging content tags, taxonomy and conversion paths for all of your on- and off­-site content. This empowers digital marketers and content creators to illuminate engagement and conversion analytics in real time!

Real Time Measurement on Engagement

Gone are the days of wondering which content, channels and influencers are driving engagement and conversion. The platform provides metrics on all of your off-site engagement, combined with your on-site analytics.

Vanity Short URLs

Choose to either use the gShift domain (gshift.it) or any of your own custom domains to give your audience a consistent brand experience. In either case, your smart URLs are protected for life.

Content Tags and Taxonomy

kontextURLs provide infinite levels of content tags and customizable taxonomies, which enable each business unit within your organization to tailor the metrics they can access to measure their content’s performance. In turn, this flexibility enables you to model your reporting taxonomy and derive insights aligned to your business model, workflow and measurement objectives.

Dynamic URL Tags

How would your customer conversation improve and conversions accelerate if your website was able to dynamically serve up digital content based on visibility into your prospect’s journey to your conversion point – kontextURLs deliver this capability out of the box.

Conversion Paths

Set up step­-by­-step conversion paths to monitor, report on and optimize your customer’s journey to a specific conversion point on your website or externally. Within each conversion path, you will have insight into how the customer is engaging in your calls to action, where they are dropping off and how they ultimately arrived at the end goal.

White-Label Reporting

Generate custom reports reflecting the kontextURL metrics which matter most to you. Using our white-label feature, digital agencies can brand all reports using their own logo.