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Web Presence Analytics

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Optimize your brand content for massive discoverability and engagement with gShift's Web Presence Analytics platform
Main Features
  • Mobile traffic analytics
  • Social Signals
  • Keyword Metrics
  • Backlinks

Social, Mobile and Local have changed the way people are informed, consider and purchase. 
Brands have slipped from being the primary driver of intent to sitting on the sidelines.

Brands now need to look at everything from audience interests to search terms, to the type of device being used, to create content that is additive while being relevant and timely to inform the customer path to purchase.

gShift collects billions of data points from local, mobile and social sources (social signals, keywords, backlinks, competitive intelligence, etc.), we compile the data in real-time as insights used to inform content marketer's as they create and optimize content for an earned media outcome - Optimize brand content for massive discoverability and engagement.