Magento Marketo Integration Connector

By Grazitti Interactive

Leverage Marketo capabilities in your Magento store. Sync your customer data & purchase details in Marketo to set up automated & personalized emails.


Grow Lead Conversions! 

Allow users to sign up faster with autofill forms thereby saving time, accumulate relevant information about a prospect with progressive profiling, map tracking history of unknown leads with the information of your existing customers.

Key features

  • Automatically email blog updates 
  • Purchase History Tracking
  • Prefill and progressive profiling with Marketo embedded forms 
  • Unknown Lead Mapping 
  • New Lead Capturing


Magento and Marketo are both extensively used by marketers and e-tailers worldwide to deliver a seamless user experience and increase sales. If you are looking for new ways to provide more targeted content, an integration between Marketo & Magento helps you boost your conversion. Grazitti’s Magento Marketo Integration Connector allows you to leverage Marketo’s lead data in the landing pages built in Magento. This enables you to deliver highly targeted content to all the prospects/leads, driving user engagement and boosting conversion rates. 

* We do offer customization according to customer requirements for notify and digest functionality


Customer Data Sync

Seamlessly sync your customers’ and prospect’ information in Marketo with Magento transactions’ data

Autofill Forms

Improve user experience by enabling users to sign up faster with autofill forms

Unknown Leads Mapping

Associate your unknown leads’ tracking history with your known customers’ data to have a complete view of customers’ journey

Purchase History Tracking

Track Magento transaction/purchase history data to automate purchase related communication via Marketo

DOS Secure

Never run into downtime due to Denial of Service attacks with our DOS secure connector

Abandoned Cart

Allows you to track abandoned cart by your customers using Marketo custom objects.

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Grazitti’s Connector did an amazing job of connecting our order and customer data in Magento to Marketo’s custom objects. The team customized the connector according to our unique business requirement
Nicole Mendes, Digital Marketing Specialist