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M-Clean: Real-time Dedupe App for Marketo

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Detect, Merge, and Prevent duplicate records in real-time
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Quick Setup
  • Custom Rules & Field Settings
  • Real-time Duplicate Check
  • Live Dedupe Report

Duplicate leads heavily impact your Marketo subscription cost and tend to eat up a major chunk of your marketing budget. If you are looking for a high ROI through your marketing campaigns, a clean database with unique information is a must to reduce the lead volume cost.

Our advanced dedupe solution M-Clean helps you remove existing duplicates in Marketo and prevent the creation of new duplicate records. By blocking duplicate leads from Marketo to your CRM (Salesforce), it helps you align marketing and sales to improve your sales productivity. With no duplicates in your database, this real-time solution ensures that you get rid of skewed reports in Marketo and CRM (Salesforce), thereby making an optimum use of your marketing budget. 

Key Features:

Real-time Duplicate Check
Scan for duplicate leads when a new record is created or updated, and merge with existing records

Custom Dedupe Rules
Set up custom rules to identify the winning record when new duplicate records are created in Marketo

Configurable Field Settings
Configure data append settings for Marketo fields when merging duplicate records

Quick Setup
Install M-Clean in Marketo and start merging duplicates within 10 minutes

Easy Merge in Salesforce 
Merge your duplicate records only in Marketo or both Marketo and your CRM (Salesforce)

Live Dedupe Report
View historical data for the number of records scanned for duplicates, duplicates found and merged

Marketo Integration

The solution uses Marketo REST API in the backend to connect with Marketo and doing the de-duplication. Further details can be found in the attached Integration Setup Guide.