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Magento Marketo Integration Connector

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Leverage Marketo capabilities in your Magento store. Sync your customer data & purchase details in Marketo to set up automated & personalized emails.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Autofill-Progressive Profiling
  • Customer Data Sync
  • Unknown Leads Mapping
  • DOS Secure

Grazitti’s Magento Marketo Integration Connector helps e-tailers deliver seamless user experience and increase sales.  

The Magento Marketo Integration Connector provides advanced features such as:

  • Customer Data Sync: Seamlessly sync your customers’ and prospect’ information in Marketo with Magento transactions’ data
  • Autofill Forms: Improve user experience by enabling users to sign up faster with autofill forms 
  • Marketo Form Progressive Profiling: Use Marketo smart forms to gradually gain lead intelligence as you grow lead conversions
  • New Leads Capturing: Create a new lead in Marketo as soon as a user registers in Magento
  • Unknown Leads Mapping: Associate your unknown leads’ tracking history with your known customers’ data to have a complete view of customers’ journey
  • Purchase History Tracking: Track Magento transaction/purchase history data to automate purchase related communication via Marketo
  • DOS Secure: Never run into downtime due to Denial of Service attacks with our DOS secure connector


*We also offer custom solutioning on top of these out-of-the-box features based on your unique business requirements. 

Marketo Integration

Please read the instruction guide 'ReadMe' before installing.

You will get to know the basic requirements to use this plugin.