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WordPress Marketo Integration Connector

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Notify your subscribers about new blog posts, send weekly digests, pre-fill & progressive profiling with Marketo embedded forms, personalize content.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Display Personalized Content
  • Notify and Digest from WP
  • Prefill-Progressive profiling
  • Leverage Marketo Data in WP

Content personalization made easy!

Notify your subscribers about new blog posts, send weekly digests, prefill and progressive profiling with Marketo embeded forms, personalize content for your known audience.

Personalized features

  • Automatically email blog updates
  • Schedule multiple posts using Digest
  • Prefill and progressive profiling with Marketo embedded forms
  • Localize websites using Conditional Blocks
  • Leverage Marketo Lead Data to show personalized content


WordPress and Marketo are both extensively used by marketers worldwide to manage websites and create performing marketing campaigns. If you are looking for new ways to provide more targeted content on your landing pages, a plugin for Marketo & WordPress helps you boost your conversion.

Grazitti’s WordPress Plugin for Marketo allows you to leverage Marketo’s lead data in the landing pages built in WordPress. This enables you to deliver highly targeted content to all the prospects/leads, driving user engagement and boosting conversion rates.


 Grazitti’s WordPress Marketo Connector helps you with automating your blogs and personalizing your website in real time.

1. Blog Automation

  • Schedule multiple posts from selected categories after choosing Marketo program and campaign (Digest)
  • Notify subscribers of new WordPress blog articles automatically via Marketo program and campaign

2. Website Real time Personalization 

  • Maximize subscriber sign-ups by timing the activation of pop-up sign up boxes according to visitor interest
  • Personalize content by logging visitor activity and determining their interests
  • Build conditional content blocks in WP, based on Marketo data
  • Localize content as per lead data from Marketo
  • Boost subscription rate with smart email subscription forms created in Marketo
  • Personalize product offers by showcasing the most relevant offers

 3. Marketo embedded forms

  • Allows Pre-fill outside of Marketo
  • Allows Progressive Profiling for long forms outside of Marketo
  • Restrict Pre-fill for your dynamic fields

 * We do offer customization according to customer requirements for notify and digest functionality


Marketo Integration

Please read the instruction guide 'ReadMe' before installing.

You will get to know the basic requirements to use this plugin and the personalization shortcodes.