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Powered by artificial intelligence, Grapevine6 is the perfect business tool to help maximize sales opportunities.


In just one-touch, the G6 mobile app enables business leaders, financial advisors and salespeople to engage prospects and clients with meaningful content and actionable insights, saving time and money.

The G6 mobile app delivers content to your pocket. 
With a mobile-first experience, you can take complete control of your personal brand to make social selling work for you. One-touch publishing and automated reminders make social as fast as possible. For more advanced curators, G6 will recommend content to send to specific connections or a LinkedIn contact.

Qualify leads faster.
If you’re a business leader, financial advisor or salesperson using the G6 mobile app you never need to search for content, it finds you. And best of all, these new engagement points with prospects and customers can be tracked in Marketo to qualify leads quickly and discover the best opportunities for sales. 

The Grapevine6 marketing platform is easy to curate at scale. 
Curate brand-relevant content using the Grapevine6 content repository for distribution to individual or corporate digital channels. Measure the success of topics and publishers to optimize editorial investment and media buying. 


The  Grapevine6-Marketo integration enables effective digital selling through highly relevant content shares. 

All links to content you share through Grapevine6 are redirected through your page and visitors are cookied. If they are known individuals in Marketo, their behavioral lead score will be incremented based on the values assigned to web page visits. If they are anonymous visitors the page visit will be recorded and retained for 90 days.

Have questions? We’re here to help you get maximum value from your Grapevine6-Marketo integration. Send an email to [email protected] for assistance.




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