EcoSoft Health

By Gorilla Toolz Inc.

Complete lead-through-referral digital patient marketing solution for healthcare service providers.


Effective and Efficient Patient Acquisition with Multi-Location Referral Management
  • Create and activate multi-channel digital marketing campaigns
  • Nurture consumer-patient relationships on-line
  • Consumer-patient “leads” automatically referred to an appropriate practice in your provider network
  • Track and mange leads from off-line campaigns as well
No Spreadsheets – No Lost Leads


EcoSoft Health™ is fully integrated a Patient Acquisition solution using the Marketo REST API available through Launchpoint. EcoSoft Health ™ uses the API to regularly poll Launchpoint for newly available patient leads. When a new patient lead is available it is verified as being ready for referral to a specific location/clinic/specialist. When ready for referral, the patient lead is managed and monitored in EcoSoft Health™.


The EcoSoft Health™ Integration with Marketo Enables You To;


  • Easily create, automate, and track engaging campaigns and marketing workflows across all your marketing channels
  • Support various marketing modes—email campaigns, anonymous visitor tracking, reporting and analytics
  • Get Real-time prospect alerts
  • Nurture prospects until they demonstrate a required degree of interest
  • Convert prospects to a patient lead and refer to appropriate specialist/location
  • Seamlessly flow information gained during the nurturing process to the EcoSoft Health™ Referral Management System
  • Collaborate with specialist/location in closing patient opportunities with automated notifications at appropriate action stages
  • Manage your pipeline and analytics from lead to close


How it Works

  • At client-determined intervals (generally every 15 minutes), EcoSoft Health ™ uses the Marketo REST API to retrieve any prospects that have been modified since the previous access.
  • Imported prospects are examined to determine if any now meet the client-determined scoring threshold.
  • Qualified prospects are then imported to EcoSoft Health ™ as leads, with fields in the EcoSoft Health ™ lead record filled in from the appropriate prospect data.
  • Leads imported in this fashion are either assigned on import to the appropriate practice or, if the prospect data is not sufficient for practice assignment, are made available for assignment in EcoSoft Health ™.
  • On import, notifications are sent both internally and by external email to the appropriate internal client manager and, if assigned to a practice, to the designated contact for that practice.

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