Event Management Automation for Marketo

By Goombal, Inc.

Goombal automates Event Management for Tradeshows and for your own marketing events. Goombal integrates with Marketo to closely track event ROI.


Goombal is an innovative Cloud + Mobile Event Management Automation solution that helps corporate event planners plan and run events with ease.  Goombal automates routine tasks and frees up valuable time to help you focus on delivering superior customer experiences and maximizing ROI - every time!

Goombal brings:

  • Efficiency:  Reduces admin burden of event management by 30+%
  • Risk Mitigation:  Automates tracking of timelines, to-dos, documents, budgets and expenses so that nothing falls through the cracks
  • Sales Acceleration:  Processes leads from events and sends them to Marketo / SFDC instantly
  • Deep ROI Insights:  Analyzes and reports everything from event ROI to cross-event metrics by integrating with Marketo, Salesforce and others

Event Design Studio

Through its patent-pending Event Design Studio, Goombal puts the power of event planning in the hands of event planners.  This allows planners to plan and manage all kinds of events – be it a simple tradeshow participation or running a multi-day conference.

Ad-hoc Event Collaboration

Goombal’s event collaboration solution is an integral part of the event management solution and it allows you to collaborate with anyone with a valid e-mail address.  Be it vendors, sponsors, speakers, internal teams, etc., Goombal’s collaboration solution manages all conversations and files securely and eliminates the hassles of having to find things in crowded email boxes, file folders, etc.

Comprehensive Event Analytics

By enabling you to plan all your events in one platform, Goombal is uniquely able to aggregate all event data (including relevant data from Marketo, SFDC, and other sources) in one place and utilize this data to provide comprehensive cross-event analytics for every aspect of your events.  You can have reports at your fingertips to help you track spend by vendor across events, track the performance of your speakers across events, compare and contrast ROI metrics such as cost per lead, cost per opportunity, etc. across events, and more.

Innovative Event Management Automation

For the first time in the industry, Goombal brings modern tools and deep insights you need to identify and plan the right events, do them well consistently, measure and report performance accurately, and maximize ROI from events.  You can now make smart event investment decisions and maximize ROI from your event marketing efforts – every time!


Goombal integrates with Marketo in several ways to make it easy for event planners to exchange information and generate reports.  

Event Attendee Registrations

If you are using Marketo to set up an attendee registration website and collecting registrations, Goombal can automatically import these registrations in real-time and deliver them to the Goombal Mobile Attendee Check-in application.  As attendees are checked-in at the event, and any additional information about attendees such as hot/warm lead are captured, Goombal can send this update back to Marketo and/or SFDC in real-time.  This real-time bi-directional integration greatly simplifies registration - lead capture process and also eliminates all manual intervention and associated time lost in processing leads and uploading them into Marketo from your events.

Lead Management

Goombal makes it easy for event marketers to send leads generated at events to Marketo and to track the progression of leads in Marketo using Goombal dashboards.  In this scenario, the event planners specifies which lead list in Marketo is associated with a particular event in Goombal.  Once this is specified, all leads captured in Goombal are automatically transferred to Marketo for follow-up, etc.  This integration eliminates time delays in processing leads, and helps accelerate the sales cycle.

Event ROI Tracking

Through the Lead List association above, Goombal reads lead progression status from Marketo (and/or from Salesforce as appropriate) and displays dashboards that show how leads generated from event marketing activities progress through maturity and subsequently through sales cycles.  This makes it very easy for event planners to track ROI from events, and helps them identify and focus on the right events to maximize ROI.

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