Print and Direct Mail—Automated

By More Vang

Automate all your printing needs. Enjoy seamless integration with your Marketo campaigns.


Congruent Dialogue—Across the Board

Unify your marketing campaigns both online and off. The Platform automates your print and direct mail needs—right here on Marketo. 

Collateral—Without the Damage

The Platform is a Marketing Asset Manager that lets you customize, print, and deliver collateral—all in one place. This centralizes inventory and control, saving you time and money. At day’s end, you get all the collateral you want—without the damage.

How it Works

  • We grant you access to The Platform, which gives you a catalog of preset and customizable marketing assets.
  • You add Webhooks to your campaigns in Marketo. If you get stuck, use our online guide or simply ask us for help. 
  • Orders are created when your Webhooks connect with our API. They can be printed on-demand or batched for future delivery.


Get Started 

Our product team can help you get the most out of The Platform. Contact for pricing and a quick demo. 

Start Integrating

With your marketing asset catalog in place, you can connect Marketo Webhooks to our API. From there, your campaigns will create orders for various assets.

For detailed instructions, check out our "Automated Print and Direct Mail for Marketo" guide in the right sidebar.

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Lifecycle Marketing

Direct mail achieves a 4.4% response rate, compared to 0.12% for email.
Direct Marketing Association (DMA)