Gigya Customer Identity Management Platform

By Gigya

The platform for identity-driven relationships.


Gigya’s Customer Identity Management Platform enables businesses to identify and understand their audiences via both traditional and social registration, consolidate and manage cross-channel customer data, and build personalized, meaningful customer journeys through integrations with over 50 leading marketing and service applications.

The Customer Identity Management Platform Includes:

RaaS: Make it easy to establish relationships with your users by offering them the choice to register on your site with their social identities or through a standard registration flow, and get both plug-and-play and fully customized options for collecting and updating user data across any of your web properties.

User Management: Collect valuable identity and behavior data in one place with a next-generation database designed to store data streams from social network profiles and user activities across multiple devices.

Social Login: Allow your users to register and sign in to your website with their existing social identities and pre-verified user accounts, and gain access to permission-based, first-party data.

Identity Compliance: Eliminate the complexities of managing various social network policies and data laws through features such as automatic account deletion and user data controls.

Customer Insights: Develop a deeper understanding of your users and the actions they take across your brand properties to quickly build audience segments and deliver relevant marketing campaigns, all from a single web-based dashboard.

Social Plugins: Leverage Gigya’s comprehensive suite of social plugins to create an engaging experience for your users that amplifies user-generated content, social syndication and interaction while generating valuable action-based insights.

Loyalty: Create an engaging brand experience by incentivizing users with points, badges and special offers for performing value actions on your site or app, which you can consolidate to form a more complete view of your customer.



Consumer profile data, including locations, relationships, likes and interests, is captured via Gigya’s Social Login and Registration-as-a-Service. This data is stored within Gigya’s flexible Identity Storage Database, which is built to manage and index complex first party data to provide an actionable, simplified view of your users.


Joint Marketo clients should simply follow these five steps to set up the implementation:


1. Configure Marketo to receive custom data fields to be passed by Gigya

2. Retrieve your Marketo user credentials from the Marketo admin panel to provide to Gigya

3. Configure Gigya to receive custom data fields to be passed by Marketo

4. Pass required configuration details to your Gigya Implementation Manager for integration

5. Optional for cookie syncing and lead tracking: Implement Marketo’s lead tracking (Munchkin) code to your HTML

For full details on this configuration, please see the documentation here:

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