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Built for sales, marketing and customer success teams alike, G2 Buyer Intent helps identify target companies actively researching on G2 -- to better inform buyer outreach, relationship building and campaigns. 

 G2 Buyer Intent helps businesses power smarter selling, marketing and outreach by surfacing and identifying companies actively researching on G2.com. 

This includes account-level data on companies who have visited a seller’s profile page, category page, or have conducted competitor comparisons on G2.com. Sellers use Buyer Intent data to better understand researchers on G2, engage prospects at the right time, and prevent customer churn before it ever happens.


Never Miss Another Opportunity

Ensure target account activity is available in the tools your teams know and trust by viewing Buyer Intent data in both G2 and Marketo.

Create Ultra-Targeted Lists

Create highly contextual contact lists to power email and ABM campaigns that convert by leveraging Buyer Intent data in outreach campaigns.

Engage at the Perfect Time

Use real-time Buyer Intent signals to accelerate sales cycles by identifying accounts researching your product, category, or competitors in G2.

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G2’s integration to Marketo allows businesses to weave their Buyer Intent data into their CRM to accelerate the sales cycle -- and enhance outreach activities with better insights. 

G2 Buyer Intent + Marketo helps ensure sales teams miss fewer target account activities and opportunities with real-time alerts of Buyer Intent activity. Marketers can leverage this integration to create smarter, more contextual segments for targeted nurture campaigns by tying Buyer Intent activity to individual contacts. 

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