FunnelWise: Connect Data to Proven Actions

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FunnelWise provides marketing and sales analytics and attribution software. Marketers can make data actionable and take steps to increase conversions.


FunnelWise integrates with Marketo and CRM platforms to help companies gain focused, deep insight into their revenue funnels. What makes our platform unique is its ability to connect data to actions that significantly grow revenue results.

We offer more than a software solution, FunnelWise comes with a methodology and funnel expertise to maximize your investment. Our team works closely with clients to ensure the solution drives future growth.


Attribution & Influence

Influence revenue and measure marketing’s impact at every stage. Make your data actionable to drive more closed-won deals.

Data-Driven Playbooks

Discover the proven actions that create predictable wins for your marketing and sales teams.

Goal Planning & Forecasting

Develop the right goals at every stage of the funnel with transparent, intelligent goal setting.

Revenue Optimization Services

Move beyond funnel visibility and get more out your campaigns and channels by assessing current results to improve overall marketing effectiveness.

Executive Funnel Reports

Flexible reporting options provide marketing and sales teams a granular view of campaigns and activities and deliver actionable insights.

Revenue Funnel Intelligence

Leverage intelligence on where and how to make revenue-impacting changes for each stage of your revenue funnel.

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FunnelWise's Marketo integration provides marketers with concrete actions to take at every stage in the buyer's journey using their data. 

Flexible, On-Demand Reporting 

  • Eliminate manual reporting and data manipulation and build reports using Marketo-only fields, as well as CRM ones 
  • Report on movement, velocity, conversions and aging for each funnel stage and view by lead source and campaign 
  • Identify missed revenue by comparing channels and campaigns 
  • Conduct analysis of meaningful data segments using performance KPIs 

Measure Revenue Attribution & Marketing Impact 

  • Determine which marketing efforts are most successful in generating revenue 
  • Understand the flow of records from top of funnel to closed won 
  • View marketing attribution for each stage of the customer journey 
  • Measure ROI and marketing’s contribution to revenue

Ramp Up Revenue Success 

  • Set and monitor progress toward goals with daily indicators 
  • Diagnose issues and quickly course correct with an early warning system 
  • Accelerate growth with intelligent recommendations 
  • Create and monitor data-driven playbooks for each stage of the funnel

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FunnelWise helps us arrive at the storyline so much easier. We had hunches before and now we present with confidence. It’s easier to pull data, easier to see trends and easier to share the storyline.
Chelsea Ralston Singer, Sailthru Senior Marketing Operations Manager