Optimizely Integration for Marketo

By FunnelEnvy

Create custom Optimizely audiences from Marketo lead attributes and automatically add visitors to these audiences in real-time. No coding required.


FunnelEnvy's Optimizely Integration for Marketo connects your Optimizely platform to your Marketo marketing automation account, allowing you to personalize experiments on any web property with Marketo attributes to increase conversions.

With our integration, you can set up custom audiences for Optimizely and classification rules for these audiences based on lead attributes. Visitors who come to any Optimizely experiment will be automatically added to the custom audience if they meet the classification criteria.

Personalized Experiments and Experiences

Personalization increases conversions. Our Optimizely Marketo integration lets you target Optimizely experiments to visitors based on information you've captured from them in Marketo. For example you can create experiments that for visitors in a specific industry, above a certain lead score, or who have a certain job title.

FunnelEnvy will help configure and support the integration to make sure that it works for you.

Extend Marketo Everywhere

You're not limited to experiments on Marketo landing pages. This integration works anywhere you can install Optimizely and our snippet - and let's you take advantage of Marketo data on all of your web properties.

No Coding Required
We use both Optimizely's and Marketo's API to create & manage custom audiences, fetch attributes, classify the user and add them to an audience. A simple web-based interface lets you manage everything without writing a line of code.

Covert More Visitors

By leveraging Marketo’s data and delivering it through Optimizely experiments you'll make the web experience more personal and relevant for your users, and use it to create more effective tests.


Optimizely for Marketo

The Optimizely Integration for Marketo will fetch attributes stored in Marketo associated with the currently browsing visitor, determine which audiences the visitor fits into, and add that user to the associated Optimizely audience if the page is part of an Optimizely experiment.

Key Features:

  • Create complex audience classification rules based on Marketo attributes
  • Associate the user with those audiences in Optimizely experiments that can run on any of your web properties


This integration is built on FunnelEnvy's BackStage platform where you will need to have an account.

  • Since we use the Marketo API this integration requires Marketo Standard Edition or above
  • You must have the Lead Tracking (Munchkin) snippet on the page(s) that you are running the experiment
  • You will need to enter the Marketo REST or SOAP API credentials and Optimizely REST API credentials in BackStage
  • You will need to add a one line snippet of Javascript onto the site where you are running the experiment

For more details please consult the setup guide.

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