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Engage and educate prospects deeper in the funnel with a beautiful, personalized experience.


Folloze is the leading Account Based Marketing (ABM) Engagement Platform, which enables B2B sales and marketing teams to engage, develop and win their top target accounts. Built for scale, the platform empowers Marketing and Sales to collaborate on marketing strategy, account-specific content campaigns, content automation and more, and enables Marketing to easily deliver campaigns on behalf of Sales. The result is a personalized, automated, scalable ABM program, backed by actionable account analytics, where Sales maintains an authentic relationship with the buyer. These capabilities enable salespeople to act as consultants through the selling process, delivering significantly more value to customers and drastically increasing their sales pipeline, and ultimately revenue.

Key Benefits for:


  • Create and deliver marketing messages geared for sales conversations
  • Directly prove your contribution to pipeline and revenue
  • Gain insight on the best performing content and boards


  • Position yourself as a consultant and advisor
  • Experience significantly higher strategic customer wins
  • Deliver great experience with marketing level tools

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Content & Account Analytics

Powerful Pulse Table dashboard tracks account engagement, content performance and analyzes pipeline impact, delivering insights per account executive

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Marketo integration with Folloze 

Leverage Marketo with Folloze ABM Engagement Platform to deliver Highly personalized account experience orchestrated by Marketing and Delivered by Sales. 

  • Send Marketo Account/ Vertical/ segment specific campaigns linking to a personalized experience
  • Deliver a beautiful auto personalized experience, presenting rich media content.
  • Present the information for the salesperson responsible for the account and notify him/her in real time on customer engagement
  • Allow Field Marketing and Sales to send highly targeted single or multi touch campaigns
  • Track engagement in Marketo to analyze account activities 

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Adding value throughout the sales process is key. With Folloze, we can differentiate our sales conversations, and increase our win rate.
Jason Mefford, Director of Inside Sales at Digium