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flexReceipts, the leading enhanced digital receipts solution, offers retailers a post-sale opportunity to communicate with their customers.


Today's shoppers expect a more personalized experience from their favorite brands. flexReceipts helps brands, like GNC, Aldo Shoes, Destination XL, Signet Jewelers and more, personalize post-purchase communication, capture more, valid emails, enrich customer profiles, and drive greater loyalty and repeat purchases.

flexReceipts digital receipts are a smarter, more engaging alternative to standard email or flat, PDF and paper receipts. flexReceipts are easily customizable to include compelling personalization, loyalty incentives, dynamic product recommendations, valuable coupons, shopper surveys and much more. With hundreds of millions of in-store transactions, flexReceipts can also provide valuable consumer insights to help retailers build richer customer profiles for their omnichannel and retargeting programs.

flexReceipts also powers post-purchase, triggered customer journeys to drive further loyalty activation, product reviews, customer surveys, incremental sales and much more.



+ Use our best practices to collect emails from up to 75% of shoppers + Capture 25% more valid emails with flexReceipts compared to loyalty


+ Segment customers by loyalty status for increased activation + Drive incremental purchases with timely promotions and personalized product recs


+ Gain a 360 view of your shoppers with real-time, in-store transaction data + Attribute online Facebook & Google advertising to offline purchases

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flexReceipts allows you to send your e-receipt data (i.e., customer email, product info) to Marketo so that you can trigger new customer journeys.

For example, you can send a thank you email to your customer as soon as they make an in-store purchase. A few days later you can send them a follow-up email suggesting different colors of the product they purchased, complementary products, or product recommendations.

flexReceipts makes it easy to leverage your in-store transaction data to continue the conversation with your customers based on their in-store activity to drive additional purchases.

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flexReceipts’ technology has vastly improved visibility to our consumers’ in-store transactions, and provided us with a high-engagement vehicle to continue communication beyond the transaction when th
Sandra Martineau // Director of CRM and Loyalty at Aldo Group