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Fivetran data connectors make advanced analytics easy by loading data from your applications, databases and more into a central warehouse.


Being able to analyze your organization's data is essential for growing your business. Fivetran makes this easy by connecting your applications, databases and more to a central data warehouse.

Once your data is in a warehouse, analysts can then ask questions and explore your company data using a SQL editor or any of today’s modern business intelligence tools that sit on top of a warehouse. If you don’t have a warehouse yet, Fivetran can help set one up for you.

Connect Marketo data with any other data source.

Fivetran supports a variety of data connectors including Facebook Ad Insights, Salesforce, Shopify, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Snowplow, Bing Ads, and more. We continually add new connectors. Get in touch with our team or visit our website for an updated list.

Why stream data into one location?

  • Ask questions that combine data sources.
    Organizations today use many tools. Fivetran makes it possible to query across disparate applications and databases to gain a comprehensive view of company performance. 
  • Up-to-date analytics.
    Downloading spreadsheets and performing repetitive calculations is both time intensive and error prone. By continually updating data into a warehouse it’s easy to set up standard SQL queries or BI dashboards. Stop arguing over whose data is up to date.
  • Capture historical and deleted data.
    When Fivetran streams your source data into a warehouse, we do a full historical sync and then archive changes including deletes. Analyze your company data from any point in time. 
  • Own your own data.
    If you use third party software vendors, you don’t own your data. Store everything so you never lose access to information even if you stop using a source application. 
  • Ask any question.
    Many applications and their reporting systems only give you access to standard variables and queries. If you want to drill in deeper or ask more specific questions, you need SQL or a BI tool to query the raw data. Fivetran makes it easy for analysts to ask any question they please.

Fivetran is the smartest way to replicate data into your warehouse.

Without your team writing a single line of code, Fivetran enables analysts to access and join up-to-date information for advanced analytics. We’ve built the only zero-maintenance pipeline, turning months of on-going development into a 5-minute setup. Fivetran manages your data integrations (ETL) so you can devote precious engineering resources elsewhere.


How to use Fivetran:

Click on Request Demo on our LaunchPoint listing and complete the information requested. A Fivetran representative will then contact you to schedule a call. On the demo call, we can answer your questions and guide you through the setup process. Fivetran offers a free trial which can be activated on the demo call or thereafter.

Once your trial is active, follow these steps to set up Marketo with Fivetran. Getting started with Fivetran takes just a few minutes.

Setting up Fivetran with Marketo:

  1. On the login dashboard, click ‘Add Warehouse’. This will take you through a setup wizard where you will add your data warehouse credentials so that Fivetran can connect to to it.

  2. Once your destination warehouse is connected to Fivetran, we can then connect many data sources including Marketo. On the dashboard, click 'New Integration' on the top-right of the page. This will take you to the integrations page where you can select the Marketo setup wizard.

  3. In the setup wizard, save your Marketo credentials and preferences.

  4. From here, Fivetran will complete the rest of the integration. Your Marketo data will then begin streaming into your warehouse immediately.

For additional data sources, repeat steps 2 and 3.

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