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Fiksu  |  Applications
Data-fueled mobile marketing technology. Connects brands, agencies, and app advertisers to targeted mobile audiences.
Main Features
  • Drive brand engagement
  • Acquire app users at scale
  • Re-engage existing users
  • Complete solution

The industry’s only complete mobile marketing infrastructure.

Fiksu delivers up to 3x overall campaign performance improvement through the power of Fiksu mIQ™, which combines actionable data, programmatic reach, and ad performance optimization.


All the capabilities a marketer needs to be successful on mobile.

Mobile ad tracking and attribution, audience segmentation, media buying, retargeting, optimization, analytics.


An unmatched and constantly growing store of mobile data.

Data from app usage provides insight that can be used to develop precise audiences, inform future buying decisions, and much more, and that data is based on mobile IDs, not IP addresses or email addresses.


Unparalleled access to virtually the entire mobile ecosystem.

With one SDK, advertisers get access to the world’s leading traffic sources including social, RTB, display, video, and rewards-based networks.


Massively scalable system.

Delivering measurement and optimization across everything that contributes to ROI, and doing it at scale.


App marketing solutions.

Acquire mobile app users through a single point of integration. Automated optimization across channels identifies the best sources of valuable users for any app and maximizes long-term ROI. Increase engagement with your existing user base by reactivating lapsed users, promoting new offerings, or encouraging deeper actions such as registrations or purchases.


Brand performance marketing solutions.

Target precise mobile audiences to drive brand awareness and consideration.

Get creative and message in front of the right people to increase visibility, awareness, and engagement among high-value consumers. Go even further to drive lead generation, registrations, digital sales, and other mobile web conversions.